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                YOUR CDA MEMBERSHIP
                GOES A LONG WAY

                Please Join
                your colleagues in Quebec and across Canada in helping Canadians achieve optimal oral health.


                2020 Seeing Dentistry Clearly
                Winnipeg, Manitoba, April 2–4, 2020

                The Manitoba Dental Association is partnering with CDA to host the National Annual Meeting & Convention, April 2–4, 2020, at the RBC Winnipeg Convention Centre.


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                CDA Launches FirstVisitFirstTooth.ca

                Overview of dentistry and the oral health landscape
                in Canada and worldwide.

                Public Statement on

                Public Statement from the Canadian Dental Association

                Make Informed Decisions Before Purchasing or Using Direct-to-Consumer Dental Appliances

                Joint Public Statement on

                Root Canal Treatment

                from the
                Canadian Dental Association
                Canadian Academy of Endodontics

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